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The new-age of reporting

9 May

The 2010 general election was the first election I was actively involved in, both in a democratic sense, and in a journalistic capacity.

Myself and three other student journalists, (Daniel Bentley, Joseph Stashko & David Stubbings) headed down to Preston Guild Hall on Thursday 6 May to keep the readers of Blog Preston informed as to what was going on. Continue reading


The Guardian’s views on the future of journalism

23 Mar

TODAY, as part of the Harris Lecture Series, UCLan students and staff were treated to a visit from Colin Hughes, the Managing Director of The Guardian.

Colin delivered an hour-long talk about his introduction into the journalism world, the Guardian’s liberal stance and importantly, he talked at length about quality journalism.

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Question time: Preston-style

7 Mar

ON FRIDAY evening I attended UCLan’s version of Question Time, which saw students fire questions at Preston’s MP and PPC’s.

A fistful of students attended, as well as Preston’s current MP Mark Hendrick, and the two Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC) for Preston, Nerissa Warner-O’Neill and Mark Jewell, representing Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, respectively.

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