About Me

Hi there; and welcome to my ‘About me’ section.

My name is Andy Halls, and I’m a second-year Student Journalist studying Journalism BA (Hons) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). I will graduate in the summer of 2011.

Me, looking deadly serious.

So far I have achieved decent grades, averaging about a 2:1 classification at present, but I am aiming higher than this, although no-one achieved first-class honours from UCLan last year.

Alongside my degree, I am News Editor of UCLan’s Student Newspaper, Pluto, which has previously won awards – I am pushing hard to get Pluto back to its former glory.

In my first year of University I was heavily involved with Pluto, and was made Deputy News Editor within three months of writing for the paper. I won two awards in the UCLan Media Awards 2009, and was nominated for three more. In the UCLan Media Awards 2010, I managed to get five awards, nominated for seven in total; a couple of these include Journalist of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to Student Media and Scoop of the year.

This semester I have also been a mentor in a local secondary school, as part of the BBC School Report programme, which teaches 11-14 year-olds skills essential in journalism.

This semester, myself and Joseph Stashko, a fellow student journalist were asked to take on editorship of Blog Preston, which is a local website providing news, views and information about the City of Preston, Lancs.

I’ve done a variety of work experience placements, each and every one has taught me something new, and left me wanting more.

I want to defy those who claim print journalism is a dying trade, wriggle my way into industry and make my mark.

I am young, motivated and willing to learn, so feel free to comment, discuss and debate anything I write or say.

Best regards,



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