‘Dick’ Griffin…

22 Oct

SO TONIGHT was the night the nation waited for, no we’re not talking X Factor or Strictly, we’re talking politics.

Tonight was the night that the BNP Leader Nick Griffin had his and his party’s true colours shown to the world.

After weeks of criticism against the decision to allow the BNP to have their views on BBC’s Question Time, the time had finally arrived.

In all truth, and for what it’s worth, I wholeheartedly agree with the decision to have the BNP on the BBC’s flagship politics show, after all, we live in a democracy and seeing as the party was voted in democratically, they have every right to be on the impartial BBC, no matter how disgraceful their views.

The night was always going to be uncomfortable for Griffin, and he took a real grilling from audience, other panellists and Dimbleby alike.

Quizzed on his views on immigration, the Ku Klux Klan and holocaust denial, amongst other issues; Griffin did himself no favours as he laughed off claims of racism, and arrogantly smirked his way through an uncomfortable hour.

He was visibly shaken by the test of his political mettle, and frequently muddled himself with his words, making a point then contradicting it almost instantaneously.

Hopefully Jack Straw will be proved right in saying the appearance was not an ‘early Christmas present for the BNP’, hopefully it’ll open the eyes of British voters who voted not in knowledge, but in anger.The BNP thrive on coverage, and they certainly got some in this instance. Fingers crossed that the British public will see Griffin for the slimy, racist creature that he is.

All in all, a good night for Britain, and a positive night for politics.

Democracy, One. Nick Griffin, Nil.

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