UK takes positive steps towards a low carbon future.

11 Oct

BRITAIN is set to join the high speed railway craze that is sweeping the globe.

The plans to build a network of high-speed railway, linking London to Scotland in just three hours, is unquestionably overdue.

The United Kingdom has significantly less high-speed rail provision than other major countries across the globe, with just 113km of rail.

Japan currently has the most high-speed rail laid, with 2452km nationwide, 21 times more than Britain.

The new plans would not only cut journey times significantly, but it would also play a major role in a low carbon future.

Even Britain’s closest neighbour France, are putting us to shame. France has over 400 high speed trains across 1,100 miles of new high-speed lines linking the English Channel to the Mediterranean, and has numerous more planned.

The use of high-speed, electric railway, can eradicate the use of short-haul flights that just add to the nation’s ever-growing carbon footprint.

It’s about time that Britain joined the high-speed revolution, and hopefully Labour can leave behind a legacy to be proud of.


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