Glastonbury, a truly magical place.

1 Jul
I was lucky enough to be one of the two-hundred thousand festival-goers at the world-renowned Glastonbury festival last week, and boy was I lucky!

Upon returning to my native Reading this summer and discovering a distinct lack of jobs, I decided to opt for a more unusual way of earning myself some hard-earned cash this summer, by stewarding at festivals!

I got to witness one of the world’s greatest music festivals, whilst being paid for the whole experience, cushty set-up I think you’d agree?

It wasn’t until I got to Glastonbury that I realised what a truly amazing place it really is.For those that don’t know, Glastonbury music festival is situated in between two small villages in Somerset, called Pilton and Pylle.

It is located on Worthy Farm, which is fully operational for the remainder of the year.

The real magic behind Glastonbury is the sheer size of it, and the diversity it offers, it really has something for everyone.I challenge anyone to go for a weekend at Glastonbury and be bored, there is literally so much to see, it is impossible to witness it all in just three or four days; which is why so many people keep coming back year after year.

Even the weather isn’t enough to put you off!

The festival not only offers unbelievable entertainment for its punters, it also raises a lot of money for various charities in the meantime.Founder Michael Eavis, who has been nominated as one of Time’s 100 most influential people of all time, is keen for the festival to keep its traditional roots.

Eavis only takes a small salary from the event, reported to be the same amount it would be if he ran his dairy farm as normal.Eavis and co, do an absolutely outstanding job in putting the festival on for us music lovers every year, whilst splitting half of the profits with charities such as WaterAid, Oxfam and Greenpeace, the other half is reinvested into the next year’s festival.

The festival also sticks to its original roots by being environmentally friendly, heralding the ‘Love the Farm, Leave no Trace’ campaign, urging attendees to consider their carbon footprint and leave minimal trace.

2009 was hailed as one of the best, and most successful festivals since the very first ‘Pilton Festival’ took place in 1970.

Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur were the guys given the huge responsibility of headlining the hallowed Pyramid stage, a job not to be taken lightly, and they did a cracking job of it.

With more than 700 acts playing across over 80 stages, you’re sure to be entertained!

Roll on the 40th anniversary of the world’s greatest festival, I for certain will be returning to those muddy fields of Worthy Farm!


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