Britain in turmoil…

28 May

British politics is in a worrying state.

With all this debarcle about expenses, I am in the minority who fear the worst for our ‘great nation’.

I worry that Gordon Brown and friends are taking their eyes off the ball somewhat.

With growing frustration from the British public, and elections in the near future, I am fearful for the results.

It is without a doubt that Labour are finished at the helm of British politics, but the burning question is, who is set to replace them?

With both Labour and Conservatives caught up in the expenses mess, British voters may look to think outside the box, and for me, this is a worry.

Us Brits are known for being patriotic, and letting our hearts do our thinking, but I am calling for rationality in the upcoming European elections on June 4, and in the imminent general election.

My main concern is that voters are going to take out their frustration on the main three political parties, by voting for someone entirely different, and with choice limited, there is a chance that a poor decision, with terrible consequences could be made.

The party I am talking about is, of course, the BNP.

The British Nationalist Party is, for those who don’t know, a far-right, whites-only party, fuelled by a view that Britain should be, quite frankly, for Brits.

The BNP, according to its constitution, is “committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by legal changes, negotiation and consent the overwhelmingly white makeup of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948.”

They promise ‘firm but voluntary incentives’ for immigrants to return home.

From the basis of their constitution, the BNP sends alarm bells ringing all over the shop for me personally; with a manifesto which sounds awfully familiar.

They literally call for those who aren’t British, to leave Britain, claiming it does not regard non-white people as being ethnically British, even if they have been born in the UK and are naturalised British citizens.

The BNP are opposed to mixed-race relationships, claiming racial differences must be preserved. It claims that when a white-person has a mixed race child, “a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed.”

The BNP stinks of Nazi-esque values, with calls for an all-white country, and removal of those any different, their views on mixed-race relationships bears frightening similarlity to the Nurnberg Laws during the holocaust, the BNP as a whole is frightening.

I know we live in a world of free-speech, and I usually welcome views of others, but what the BNP calls for is unacceptable.

The BNP are a racist, white supremacist, fascist party, one which will damage Britain unreservedly.

Nick Griffin is the modern-day Adolf Hitler, and he must not be allowed to influence the minds of the British people.

Help make the difference, and vote anti-BNP, in both the European elections, and those to follow.


One Response to “Britain in turmoil…”

  1. Nick DePass June 17, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    I agree 100% with that and Nick Griffin really puts my first name to shame.But on a serious note how the goverment can even let this party exist is beyond me, maybe something like the london bombing's or 9/11 has made it happen, sorry to sound rude, but that may just be god's honest truth!I just hope the BNP(racist's) follower's out there vote for something else..hmm i know..unlikely.

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