Never high-five a Rabbi…

8 Mar

Jimmy Carr is a comic genius.

His dry wit, dark humour and extreme sarcasm create a combination any comedy fan cannot resist.

I saw the second night of his show ‘Joke Technician’ at Preston Guild Hall, this evening, and thought it was excellent value for money, twenty well-spent pounds for a session of laughter my stomach didn’t envisage.

Forget the gym, for washboard abs you need a ticket to see Jimmy Carr.

Jimmy is crude, downright offensive and absolutely hilarious.

He is one of the hardest working comedians on the circuit, performing live to over 500,000 people in the last three years, and that figure doesn’t even include his current tour.

Once described as “Comedy’s overgrown schoolboy”, Carr delivers punchline after punchline, on a variety of controversial topics.

Tonight’s topics included all the sort of content you would expect in one of his shows; sexually-transmitted diseases, the world’s second most hated Austrian Josef Fritzl, gay Bishops and the Holocaust.

His bid to offend as many as possible in Preston’s Guild Hall as possible was definitely successful, clear from the crowd’s groans and uncomfortable, uncontrollable laughter.

Jimmy describes Preston as a ‘man’s town’ claiming he has never felt so ‘soft and southern’.

His shows are definitely a must for anyone with an admiration for a quick wit and those without a moral compass.

The sign of a true comedian is their ability to conjure up hilarity on the spot, and Jimmy does this every single time, without fail.

Heckling throughout the show didn’t sabotage his nerve, shrugging off any awkward question or comments with his usual sense of poise, composure and humour.

He even took time to sign autographs and pose for photographs after the show, to thank those for coming to see him, despite the fact he has another gig in Milton Keynes tomorrow evening.

As Jimmy says himself ,“Not to be missed, unless it’s not your thing.”

A fantastic performer, and a true gent.


One Response to “Never high-five a Rabbi…”

  1. Eve Douglas March 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

    This is amazing Andy.And I find it quite hard to compliment you when you’re always skittin my accent 🙂 x

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