Ever dreamt of being in a band?

5 Mar

Well, here’s your chance! Sort of…

I stumbled across this whilst aimlessly drifting on the internet a few days back and it kept me amused for a good twenty minutes on a very dull Monday afternoon in Preston.
It involves a little bit of link clicking, a little bit of Photoshop (for best results), if you’re an Adobe-phobe, feel free to use your good old friend, Paint!
The first step to creating your very own Album cover for your “band”, is to find a band name!
You find your band name by using the title of a randomly chosen Wikipedia article.
Once you have done this, it is time to name the album, to do this, use the last few words of the very last quote from this page.
Now your band has a name and an album title, it now needs some album art. To do this, use Flickr, and choose the third photo from a selection of interesting photo’s from the last 7 days.

Remember to credit those photographs people, we don’t want any copyright lawsuits on our hands now do we…?
The final step involves some crafty handy work, putting it together using the software of your preference.
My effort is displayed in the picture, not bad for twenty minutes work; what do you reckon folks?

One Response to “Ever dreamt of being in a band?”

  1. Sam March 8, 2009 at 2:20 am #

    I am actually in a band so unfortunately Andy old friend old pal this is redundant in my case.Much love and kudos on the blog!! :Dxxx

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